sar-co-ma /särˈkōmə/

n. 1. A rare, agressive soft tissue cancer
that does not always respond to chemotherapy.

Clear cell is one of the rarest varieties.

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Cooper's Story


Listen to Cooper's Story courtesy of WSB Careathon:

WSB Careathon recording


The Cooper O'Brien Courage Award
In 2015, to honor Cooper's life and his strength, the Cooper O’Brien Courage Award was created by North Gwinnett Middle School.  This award is given to an 8th grade student who faces adversity with the same level of positivity as Cooper.
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Spotlight on Cooper
Gwinnett Daily Post video during Cooper's fight
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Flying High
Watch as Cooper gets to pilot a stunt plane.
Video courtesy of WSBTV.
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Miles 2 Give

The story behind Cooper's painting.
Watch it come to life.
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There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even when they have gone, the light remains.